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Brad Maushart

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Brad Maushart is an artist from Kennebunkport, Maine, whose current passions lie in the challenge of rendering the human form. Maushart works from life, in ink and vivid oil stick, creating explosive abstract figurative paintings that exude power and energy.  Citing Willem DeKooning and Egon Schiele as his influence, Maushart's technique is instinctual and loose, often letting the nuances of the medium guide his work. What others may deem an imperfection Brad adapts into his work; stray splatters and smudges become a curve or a shadow, or hint at being a tendril of fiery hair.

Brad studied commercial art at The Vesper George School of Art and later pursued a degree in photography at The New England School of Photography. Photography became his medium of choice for a long time, but being a natural rebel, he bucked the trend toward digital and began to explore painting in 2009. A local life drawing group, which Maushart attends regularly, helped inspire his love of painting the human form.

(843) 789-9565, P.O. Box 273, 85 Main Street, Wiscasset, ME 04578
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