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Goodman, Leavitt & Yatter Pool Table

Goodman, Leavitt & Yatter pool table, circa 1880.  9'x4', regulation size.  Table was completely restored in Boston in 2014.  As you look at the photos, you'll see that the label reads J.E. Came & Company.  The reason for this is that the table had some early repair work, probably done in the 1920's, as that is the time frame for this label.  This table was sold to a gentleman in Waldoboro, Maine, and that is documented on the slate.  Also note that the serial number is on each piece of the table, it is completely intact.  As was often the case, J.E. Came simply put their label on the rail, not an uncommon practice.  We didn't choose to change to the Goodman, Leavitt & Yatter label, as we think this adds to the unique character of the table.  Four-piece slate in wonderful playing condition.  Should you have any questions about shipping or set up, please inquire.


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