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Japanese Hibachi on Stand #2

Naga hibachi were furnishings in the Japanese home, which unto the 20th century, was largely heated room to room during use and were therefore portable. They took many forms from round to square, some were wooden, others made of ceramic, metal was also used. Larger naga hibachi took two forms: the large rectangular box and the box with a thick overhanging top (called daiwa hibachi). Both exhibited drawers for storage of matches, tongs etc. In use there was a copper insert which held a bed of ash where briquettes were placed and lit. Secondarily a trivet could be used over such coals to heat water for tea. Hibachis were decorative or plain as the occasion dictated and the family's economic circumstances allowed. This particular example is very large and decorative and clearly was a symbol of status.


Measures (on stand) 20 1/2" high, 26" wide, 14 1/4" deep



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