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Japanese Triptych "Raiko Breaks Hakamadare's Magical Spell and Captures Him"

This is a wonderful triptych by Utagawa Yoshitsuya (1822-1866). The triptych is named "Raiko Breaks Hakamadare's Magical Spell and Captures Him." This is a rare opportunity to own one of the great artist's 19th century works that are mostly in private collections or museums.


Japanese 1822-1866

Raiko breaks Hakamadare's magical spell and captures him

1858 Edo, Japan

colour woodblock (triptych)

36.7 x 74.3 cm (image) (overall)

In a dark forest Raiko and his retainers are alarmed at the sight of a gigantic snake, created by the supernatural power of the outlaw Hakamadare Yasuke. Raiko's black dog attacked the snake, thus showing the others that the monster was a phantom. The triptych is dominated by the writhing movement of the giant snake culminating in the gaping jaws confronting the attacking dog, forming the focal point of the drama. In the right panel, the outlaw Hakamadare is making a magical gesture, while in the left panel, Raiko and his retainers gesture in amazement at the scene before them. Minamoto no Yorimitsu (944-1021), more familiarly known as Raiko, was commissioned to rid the country of bandits.

Professionally mounted and framed. Framed size is 21 1/2" high x 37" wide.$2,750

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