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Heidi Lorenz

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Heidi M Lorenz (b.1965)

Heidi M Lorenz, born in Muenchweiler, Germany December 18,1965. Heidi spent childhood predominantly in the United Kingdom where magnificent coastline & country life enthused her sensibility toward art, horses & the sea. Heidi re-reads "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell over & over in awe of the illustrated pages that shaped her initial artistic impression. Summers were often spent in the United States where Heidi's grandfather & father furthered an art interest by exposing Heidi to their alternative style pen & inks. Heidi's parents encouraged the philosophy that; "One's life is purely what one makes it!" As a minor Heidi would hike several miles to visit the local "Red House Museum" in order to experience authentic works of art. As a teenager Heidi traveled further afield to view original oils by artist Lucy Kemp-Welch at the "Russell-Cotes Museum" & eventually as a young adult Heidi would encounter first hand the vast art & cultural scene of London, Paris, & many other great cities!
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