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Tobias McGregor

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The family of Tobias was unique in itself. His father was a lighthouse keeper for several years with the United States Coast Guard. He later worked for the United States Weather Bureau and his job took him to places like the Arctic. He visited, lived and ate with the Eskimo. His tales when he came home were full of beauty, stories he told to encourage his children to seek out the wonders of life. He was an adventurer at heart. He'd bring home small carvings, clothing made of seal skin by the Eskimo, re-creating gourmet dishes on the beach with shellfish, food he had learned on his travels. His touch for cuisine continued throughout his life.

Tobias, at a young age, had full support and encouragement to address his creative side. He found that through music at first, then later through painting. His first oil painting was done at the age of 15 and there you can see the raw talent, an inbred understanding of the medium.

He was a resident at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He joined the United States Coast Guard as a choice to Vietnam, following his father's and grandfather's steps. This job took him to the North Atlantic for six years. He and his wife purchased property in Nova Scotia, where his two sons were born. Seeking a warmer climate, he headed south, as far south as was possible. He landed in Key West. There his painting blossomed. While playing music live, writing, composing and recording, he found the paint brush brought peace to his eclectic life. Painting encompassed his days, music took his nights. As time passed, his sons grew up and now reside in Charleston. He decided to come to this area six years ago to be closer to his boys. Like his father, he wanted to share life's journey with them. He retired from the music scene to paint.

His first gallery show on Folly Beach was just three years ago. He sold three major pieces and received four dedicated collectors of his work. Great things are in the future for this artist. His depiction of local birds, marshlands and ocean scenes are unbeatable and unforgettable. This is not an artist who "turns out" two or three paintings a month. His in-depth precision is obvious to the viewer. The time involved in each piece, no matter how small or large, is sheer dedication to his art.

"I create a dimension on a flat surface that when you see it, you can put your hand inside of it. You can step into it. I call it three dimensional realism. To capture the viewer for a moment to experience the wondrous detail that nature has bestowed upon us. My work is a reminder to share my appreciation of the peace and beauty of our quiet surroundings." - Tobias McGregor
(843) 789-9565, P.O. Box 273, 85 Main Street, Wiscasset, ME 04578